BioPro 2

BioPro 2

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BioPro 2 is a new health promoting diet designed to be fed leading up to stressful situations, including periods of high disease risk or adverse environmental conditions such as elevated summer water temperatures, intense sunlight or low dissolved oxygen.

- BioPro 2 supports the immune system

- BioPro 2 fortifies the fish's store of antioxidants and vitamins improving anti-oxidative capacity

- BioPro 2  stabilizes gut micro-flora and supports gut health

- BioPro 2  improves feed intake, digestion and the availability of nutrients


Feed Size

Mash #0, #1, #2 (available seasonally)

1.2 mm Pellet

1.5 mm Pellet

2.0 mm Pellet

2.5 mm Pellet

3.0 mm Pellet

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